The story behind my donair story

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Troy Power, one of the owners of Halifax Donair and Pizza.

In the current issue of Halifax Magazine, I have a few stories in there, including one about Nova Scotia’s most beloved (and despised) food offering: the donair. (I fall into the category of somebody who loves them.)

The story is titled “Halifax’s tastiest export” and it talks about a donair/pizza shop in Ontario called Halifax Donair and Pizza that bills itself as offering authentic donairs.

Having lived away myself, I understand the longing one develops for donairs. This desperation led me to make homemade donairs when I lived in France and Alberta using a recipe I found online. They sufficed under the circumstances, but that’s about it.

I learned about Halifax Donair through my younger brother, who moved to Burlington, Ont., within the past year. Halifax Donair has a location there, as well as one in Milton. Both places are just outside of Toronto.

When he told me about Halifax Donair, I knew a story had to be done. I was going to Burlington late in the fall, so the timing was great.

A few days before my trip, I called up the shop and spoke with one of the owners, Troy Power, who was featured in the story. We arranged a time for me to come in.

When I entered the Burlington shop on a Friday night, the first thing that struck me was Power was indeed a Nova Scotian. He was just so friendly and welcoming that it left no doubt in my mind the donair was going to be authentic. (Power learned how to make donairs because he used to work at the European Food Shop at Pizza Corner.)

At the location, I sampled a few slices of meat and I instantly knew it was legit. The texture was perfect and the meat was a little on the spicy side, but not overly so. I find many donairs today in Halifax are rather bland, but this actually had some kick to it. It would do well in any best of donair contest.

I got a donair to go for myself and got a donair sub for my brother for some additional research and the conclusion was clear: Halifax Donair offers a legit donair. I walked away knowing that if I ever moved to Burlington or Milton, I would no longer have to resort to making homemade donairs.


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