The origin of the delightful donair

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Donairs, we either love them or hate them. For me, I belong to the former. In the current issue of Halifax Magazine, I have a story which looks at just how the beloved donair came to be.

Oddly enough, my inspiration for the story dates back almost nine years. At the time, I was living in France and wanting to make a Canadian meal for my French roommates, I took to the web to find a donair recipe. While I did find a donair recipe, I also noticed there were conflicting pieces of information about its origins. Since then, the myths around its origins have only grown. Many articles have been written about the donair, but they often use lines like “Some say” and “As the story goes.” These are lines which don’t inspire much confidence.

In any case, while preliminary research could have led me in any number of wild goose chases, the one name that kept coming up was a Greek immigrant named Peter Gamoulakos. (Even my donair provider who has been living in Halifax since around the days of its invention said Gamoulakos was the guy who invented it.)

Through Facebook, I was able to track down his son and he was quite happy to share the Gamoulakos side of the story and clear up some of the myths surrounding the donair. I’m happy to say this story should finally add some clarity to this discussion.

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