George Costanza and the San Francisco 49ers

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It’s been a busy week in 49ers land and yesterday’s developments left me thinking about George Costanza and his failed efforts at negotiation on an episode of Seinfeld. The fourth-season episode was called The Watch and in it, George was negotiating salaries with NBC for the sitcom he and Jerry were working on for the network.

Insulted at the offer NBC had proposed, George turned it down (without Jerry’s knowledge) and later had to essentially beg NBC to allow the show to continue. But the kicker was the offer George eventually accepted was less than the original offer. “You know, the basic idea of negotiation, as I understand it, is to get your price to go… up,” said Jerry on the episode.

That same lesson could be applied to former free agent and now 49ers safety Dashon Goldson. A promising young player, Goldson had a terrific 2009 season, but played poorly (and through injuries) last season with the Niners. The team tried to extend his contract, but couldn’t reach an agreement because he wanted more than he was being offered. Expecting a bonanza on the free agent market, the market was soft and the offers didn’t exactly pile up as expected.

One media report pegged Goldson as turning down a contract that was worth more than the $20 million over five years that was offered to a teammate. Goldson will end up getting $2 million for his one-year contract with the Niners. George Costanza would be proud.

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