About Richard Woodbury

I’m a writer and editor from Halifax, Nova Scotia. My work can be found in both local and national publications, such as Reuters, Metro Canada and Halifax Magazine.

Above all else, people describe me as being curious. I always want to know more about things and I’m always asking questions.

Despite some time spent in France teaching skating lessons and a stint on the rigs in Alberta, it was inevitable I would become a writer. Besides the fact I always loved to read newspapers and magazines, I always had an obsession with details and chronology.

Born to write

Consider this entry from a journal I had to keep in Grade 3 where I described a weekend fishing trip I went on with one of my brothers and a family friend:

“On Sunday we woke up at 6:30 am had breakfast left at 8:10 to fish. I caught a fish at 10:42 then we left at 11:00 am… We caught 14 fish.”

Forget about the poor grammar and punctuation, it’s clear my future career choice was made a long time ago.