A follow-up about HRM secrecy

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In March 2011, I had a story in Halifax Magazine about HRM’s penchant for secrecy. The timing for the story couldn’t have been better because within days of its publication, news of the HRM concert scandal broke. (In a curious coincidence, I had filed the story about five months before publication, but the editor of Halifax Magazine, Trevor Adams, wanted to run it in the spring.)

In July’s issue of Halifax Magazine, I did a follow-up story about secrecy. Rather than look at the examples of the many ways council is secretive, this story was a more constructive one and came up with a list of five recommendations for some simple steps council could undertake to be more open and transparent.

With an election coming this fall, it’s inevitable we’re going to hear a lot about openness and transparency. Let’s hope the next council doesn’t just pay lip service to the topic.

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