Mail call

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After two weeks without postal service, it’s music to the ears of self-employed people across the country that mail delivery is resuming today. As a self-employed writer/editor, I get about half of my payments by cheque so I’m happy to see this foolishness end. (I’m also excited to get my magazine subscriptions back on track. How I have missed you Maclean’s, Canadian Business, Sports Illustrated…)

While a postal strike wouldn’t cripple the economy like the ruling Conservatives say it would, it does cause hardship for a lot of individuals (and businesses). In the case of writers, many literally live paycheque to paycheque, so lack of postal service does cause a lot of hardships.

But the mail plays another important role in the lives of self-employed people that most people wouldn’t think about. Cheques are a reward for one’s hard work; getting payment by electronic transfer just doesn’t provide the same thrill as holding a cheque in your hand.

Mail service is a vital part of our society and is crucial to businesses of all sizes. Sadly, the media coverage surrounding this mess often asked why we even needed mail service. When one gets a paycheque automatically deposited into their account every two weeks, it’s easy to understand why they feel this way.

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